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Wimpy Player

[eluser]got 2 doodle[/eluser]
Has anyone used the wimpy media player in their projects?

Wimpy player

I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who has used this and specifically anyone who has used it with CI. Also suggestions on other media players would be appreciated.


i'm using it in a project still in development. it works great. i'm using the button player and the skinnable jukebox player. they're easy to use and worth the small amount of money, imo.

there's a good free player called XPSF at http://musicplayer.sourceforge.net/ it also has button & jukebox players.

i ended up with wimpy because it was easy to customize.

[eluser]got 2 doodle[/eluser]
The wimpy player looks good and the cost of the player is not a problem however in my case it might end up being prohibitive.

Excerpt from wimpy website:

Quote:You can use as many instances of Wimpy as needed on one web site -- as long as all instances of Wimpy are maintained and managed directly by the owner of the web site. and the content played through Wimpy is maintained, managed and owned directly by the owner of the web site.

If, however, your web site is set up to provide a "service" where you will be charging customers a fee, and providing them with storage space on your server -- in other words, some kind of "Wimpy hosting" service, you will need to purchase an additional license for each "customer" that uses Wimpy.

I would like to use the player on a site that I am developing that will feature the music of local musicians. The service is free. I have a self imposed geographic limitation. I cannot afford to purchase a license for each musician featured on the site. If the site is successful, there will be possibly hundreds of musicians hosted but likely, it will never be in the thousands of users.

I sent them an email to find out if I would have to pay for every musician.

In the mean time I am looking at e-phonic very (visually) configurable and very affordable.

Any other suggestions out there?


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