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Smile need raintpl and idiorm in CI 3.x.x.x
Posted by: tintucvetinh - 07-14-2018, 03:30 AM - Forum: Addins - No Replies

hi every body , i'm new in CI 
is there any way to use Raintpl 3 as template engine and Idiorm as ORM in CI?
thanks  Rolleyes Rolleyes

  Order resource route in routes.php
Posted by: ubeljan - 07-14-2018, 02:52 AM - Forum: CodeIgniter 4 Support - Replies (4)


In the manual of Codeigniter 4 stands:
The routes are matched in the order they are specified, so if you have a resource photos above a get ‘photos/poll’ the show action’s route for the resource line will be matched before the get line. 

When trying this the recource is working/showing in the end, not on the place I put it in.

Sor when you add something like this in your routes.php:


$routes->add('a', 'Home::a');
$routes->add('b', 'Home::b');
$routes->add('c', 'Home::c');

$routes->add('(:any)', 'Home::i/$1');

http://www.example.com/photos gives a "File not found"
And the recource Photos.php when looked up in the debugbar will have the last place in the ordering instead of the first place.

Why is this?
And how to change this?

Thank you for your help.

Ubel Jan van Wijhe

Wink Building a website value calculator
Posted by: yoyo - 07-13-2018, 01:02 PM - Forum: Jobs - Replies (3)

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for developers who want to contribute to project building a script that calculates the value of a website. The goal is to allow developers to know the value of their site before reselling.
The project will be open source and MIT licensed.

Here is a list of the functionality of the future website based on the framwork codeigniter.

Estimate price calculator
MOZ integration
Estimate daily / monthly / yearly
Estimate daily / monthly / yearly pageviews
Estimate daily / monthly / yearly ads revenue
Basic website information
Search engine statistics
Alexa statistics
Social statistics
Antivirus statistics
Location statistics
Social Sharing
Placement widget
Possibility to sell website / domain
Scalable inner mail
Notification system
Multi language interface
Admin Panel
Website management
User management
Category management
Cron job command executing via Admin Panel
RSS and Atom feed support
Strong caching system
Contact form
Detection scam system
Full SEO-friendly
Og Meta properties support
Responsive design
Adsense ready
Estimate price in any currency
Website thumbnail
Grouping by, country, price, date

Thank you to the person who wishes to contribute to the project.

  Database text and PHP code
Posted by: msheath - 07-13-2018, 10:46 AM - Forum: Best Practices - Replies (2)

I'm sure this is an old chestnut but I am building a simple CMS to hold page text. The problem is that the pages currently use CI helper functions eg base_url() for image paths and safe_mailto() for mail links, . When the mysql db spits out the page of text, the php code obviously appears as plain text so that's not going to work. I can go the route of not using these helper functions but then I lose some CI functionality and create more work.

I've explored echoing the db text within eval() but it includes html tags and they cause PHP to throw an error.

As this must be an old and well-known problem, I wonder if there is an equally well-known standard workaround. I have been unable to find anything with Google so I hope some forum member can help me - even if only to say 'stop wasting time, it's impossible'

  how to clear a field in database in x mins?
Posted by: richb201 - 07-13-2018, 09:34 AM - Forum: General Help - Replies (12)

I have been working on allowing users to reset their lost password. I send an email to the registered user's email address with a special code that allows them to get into the system so that they can update their password. I store this "special code" in a field in my database. I'd like to only allow use of that "backdoor" for a limited time (maybe an hour). But how should I do this? Does CI have a timer function that will fire every x minutes so I know to erase the "special code"  field?

  captcha image not loading in server
Posted by: kvanaraj - 07-13-2018, 04:45 AM - Forum: General Help - Replies (3)

captcha image not loading in server
view file
<div id="imgdiv" style="display: inline;"><img id="img" src="<?= base_url() ?>login/getcapachaimage" /></div><img id="reload" src="<?= base_url() ?>img/reload.png" />

  session not closed after close the browser.
Posted by: kvanaraj - 07-12-2018, 10:59 PM - Forum: General Help - Replies (2)

session not closed after close the browser. when i reopen the url,the session is active. i am string the sessions.

In config file
config['sess_driver'] = 'files';
$config['sess_cookie_name'] = 'ci_sessions';

$config['sess_expiration'] = 7200;

$config['sess_match_ip'] = FALSE;
$config['sess_time_to_update'] = 300;
$config['sess_regenerate_destroy'] = TRUE;

$config['sess_expire_on_close'] = TRUE;
$config['sess_encrypt_cookie'] = FALSE;

  Adding admin area
Posted by: TamasD - 07-12-2018, 03:20 PM - Forum: General Help - Replies (5)


I created the frontend of my app and now I'd like to create an admin dashboard.

I created an Admin.php controller with the following content:

PHP Code:

class Admin extends CI_Controller
     public function view($page 'dashboard')
           if(!file_exists(APPPATH 'views/admin/' $page '.php')) {

['title'] = ucfirst($page);

           $this->load->view('admin/' $page$data);

I created  dashboard.php in views/admin

but I cannot access the page. If i try to access it like this: http://localhost:8080/ci/admin/view/dashboard
then it's ok, but I'd like to access the admin dashboard like this: http://localhost:8080/ci/admin/

I guess my route is incorrect, I used this:

PHP Code:
$route['admin'] = 'admin/dashboard'

i'm new to CI and I'm just tinkering with it to learn, but I can't figure this out. Any help is appreciated.

  Pagination issue
Posted by: barrypoore - 07-12-2018, 03:11 PM - Forum: General Help - Replies (3)

Hi have finally got pagination working (kind of) but cannot resolve two issues:

  • First link isn't actually a link its just a strong tag so you can never get back to the first page, even if you proceed clicking through the links it doesn't become active:

    <ul class="pagination">
    <a href="http://codeigniter.local/jobs/12" data-ci-pagination-page="2">2</a>

  • The last link '>' always links to the second link as above, http://codeigniter.local/jobs/12
My controller class is as follows:
        $config["base_url"] = base_url() . "jobs";
        $config["total_rows"] = $this->jobs_model->record_count(); // returns the amount of rows
        $config["per_page"] = 12;
        $config["uri_segment"] = 2;
        $choice = $config["total_rows"] / $config["per_page"];
        $config["num_links"] = round($choice);

Maybe the tutorial I followed has led me up the garden path a bit, I did try and find one in the codeigniter documentation but could only find how to generate the pagination links but it didn't include how to integrate it into my queries so I ended up with pagination links but 500 records on one page.

If anyone could assist or point me to a decent tutorial it would be much appreciated.

I don't really know what else to post, the other functions are straight forward queries, I'm guessing the issue is in the config above. If I remove the last two then 'Last >' is appended to the end and has the correct link url.

I followed this tutorial:

Posted by: prentice - 07-12-2018, 09:25 AM - Forum: Installation & Setup - Replies (1)

Hello, if it's a betting script, I can not get into the template, because it's only in the part ....

The page you are looking at is being generated dynamically by CodeIgniter.
If you would like to edit this page you'll find it located at:

The corresponding controller for this page is found at:
If you are exploring CodeIgniter for the very first time, you should start by reading the User Guide.

How do I get to the site?

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