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CodeIgniter v4.0.4 released

Fail when entity->fill($data) from Array

CodeIgniter v4.0.4

Entity fill

$data = $this->request->getPost();

$user = new App\Entities\User();


Original CodeIgniter v4.0.4


Line: 118


* Takes an array of key/value pairs and sets them as

* class properties, using any `setCamelCasedProperty()` methods

* that may or may not exist.


* @param array $data


* @return \CodeIgniter\Entity


public function fill(array $data = null)


if (! is_array($data))


return $this;


foreach ($data as $key => $value)


$this->$key = $value;


return $this;




Estoy muy agradecido, muy contento de trabajar con CI desde hace mucho tiempo, esto es un trabajo fantastico. Gracias.


I am very grateful, very happy to work with CI for a long time, this is a fantastic job. Thank you

Thanks CI Teams
Only Use CI4 for my works

Learning CI4 from my works, from errors and how to fix bugs in the community

Love CI & Thanks CI Teams


Great work
Thanks CI teams
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Amazing work team!

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Thanks for your work! Big thanks!

Good to hear this.

Please, can anyone guide me how to update my App  to be compatible with PHP 7 and above. It is presently on PHP 5.6

Thanks so much.

any docs for migration from CI 3 to CI 4.?

CodeIgniter 4 tutorials (EN/FR) - https://includebeer.com
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Great work CI Team !! Keep helping the community with Amazing work!!

I am familiar with WordPress and Laravel, but when it comes to CodeIgniter, I start behaving like a newbie. I might get accustomed to it within a few days.

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