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Book: CodeIgniter 4 Foundations

Best of luck on the surgery next week Lonnie.
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Thanks @InsiteFX!

Quote:Will there be a physical version when the book is finished?

Quote: I didn't do that last time, but I was considering it this time. No decision yet, though.

Here is why you might consider it. I eventually bought the book- leanpub mentioned visa so i used my Debit card- it ended up being suspended due to a glitch that it should have (i think) have been a credit card!

I paid with PayPal. Now the use of PayPal means that you are denying the book to developers in 3rd world Countries; for instance Ghana where i should be in about 2 months. I have a personal PayPal account and a developer account registered Uk . PayPal last time i checked does not operate in Ghana. I put the question to the PayPay forum this: " i have a PayPal account registered in UK" . If i am in Ghana and try to login and pay for something what will happen? They said if you IP shows up as either Ghana or something else then your account will be suspended.

Now if you have a hardback copy there are all sorts of possibilities ; i think i was told Amazon has a warehouse Ghana. if Amazon accepts payment in some form Ghana then at least upcoming developers will at least get access to the book. or the book could be bought UK ,shipped to Ghana with some sort of agreement.

I can tell you the worst case scenario with the digital form of pdf ; it will end up on some web site where people get it for free.

There is a huge potential in Ghana for something other than WordPress !
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would there be any merit in a Q & A for book ; that might be put together now and then put at back of book as an Appendix.

For instance it mentions use of cache :

then clearing cache via terminal and using spark. That might  be Ok on Dev but what i an do liver is restricted. So a question might be how to do that live and an answer just using cpanel and deleting whats in cache (except the index.html)

i checked my cache (after using $this->cachePage(DAY); in home controller )and it has ac9df88f5b57848403a36f8673044937 which when opened is the essence of my home page.if i delete that it should clear things

I am now at the end of Chapter3 and got it working. I found (maybe its my pdf viewer that Chapter3 page 34 is not viewing well . (see attached image) - cant find upload

I did see command line to seed database with :
php spark de:seed ProductSeeder

I'm fairly sure(coulod be wrong) i  did not see cli to add table

php spark migrate

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Chapter 4 ,page 36
Quote:php spark migrate:create create_products_table

this doesn't seem applicable to chapter on blog, more applicable to Chapter 3

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It has already been fixed and will be updated in the next release.
What did you Try? What did you Get? What did you Expect?

Joined CodeIgniter Community 2009.  ( Skype: insitfx )

ok thanks for letting me know.

Thanks mate! Just bought the book Smile
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Bought it and it was worth it. Cant wait for the next chapters.

Great job.

Thanks so much everyone!

Just a quick update. My small surgery went fine and I'm mostly recovered now. Just about have the code ready for the next chapter, which just leaves it getting written up next. Hopefully by the weekend the next chapter will be ready. Thanks for your patience.

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