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Codeigniter 4 Setup On Bitnami

I have got a question.

I can set up codeigniter 3 on bitnami fine no issues.

I did the usual setup with codeigniter 4

PHP Code:
<Directory "C:\Bitnami\wampstack-5.6.22-0/frameworks/codeigniter4/public/">
   Options +MultiViews
    AllowOverride None
<IfVersion 2.3 >
       Order allow,deny
        Allow from all
   <IfVersion >= 2.3>
       Require all granted


PHP Code:
Alias /codeigniter4"C:\Bitnami\wampstack-5.6.22-0/frameworks/codeigniter4/public/"
Alias /codeigniter4 "C:\Bitnami\wampstack-5.6.22-0/frameworks/codeigniter4/public"

Include "C:\Bitnami\wampstack-5.6.22-0/frameworks/codeigniter4/conf/httpd-app.conf" 

PHP Code:
# Bitnami applications installed in a prefix URL
Include "C:/Bitnami/wampstack-5.6.22-0/frameworks/symfony/conf/httpd-prefix.conf"
Include "C:/Bitnami/wampstack-5.6.22-0/frameworks/codeigniter/conf/httpd-prefix.conf"
Include "C:/Bitnami/wampstack-5.6.22-0/frameworks/codeigniter4/conf/httpd-prefix.conf"
Include "C:/Bitnami/wampstack-5.6.22-0/frameworks/laravel/conf/httpd-prefix.conf"
Include "C:/Bitnami/wampstack-5.6.22-0/apps/phpmyadmin/conf/httpd-prefix.conf" 

Still shows up with white page when http://localhost/codeigniter4 any suggestions?
There's only one rule - please don't tell anyone to go and read the manual.  Sometimes the manual just SUCKS!

You need PHP7, not 5.6.22.
You need to point your server to the public folder.

You asked this in the announcement thread already ...http://forum.codeigniter.com/thread-65544-post-333812.html#pid333812

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