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Poll: Should CodeIgniter 4 installation require Composer?
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CodeIgniter 4 installation shall not require composer

(12-10-2018, 09:41 AM)ciadmin Wrote: CodeIgniter 4 does NOT REQUIRE composer for a basic install.
You have the *option* of using it!
Composer is "required" only if you want to use the "framework" or "appstarter" distributables, *and* to have them update automatically.

Do a MANUAL INSTALLATION for whichever flavor of the distribution you would like. Boom.

Oh, I'm glad to know it. Smile

(12-10-2018, 09:41 AM)ciadmin Wrote: This issue has been addressed already. Why are you even bringing it up again?

Sorry, but it's not an issue, it's just a suggestion/poll, a sort of open discussion (I posted in "CodeIgniter 4 Discussion")

I thought the framework was still under development, and someone might decide to make it in a way it could be installed only with Composer. Dodgy

I searched in the forum for "Composer" before opening this thread, but I could not come up with another thread talking about this.

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