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Watch List: CMS, Libraries, Plugins, Helpers...

You missed one of the most important CI libraries. Modular Extensions - HMVC is far superior to Matchbox for modular seperation.

Wiredesignz you are saying that because you made it Wink

I think this topic is too personal to give a good overview what is promised by the topic title.

My IgnitedRecord?
Dunno how broad it's usefulness is, but it makes database interaction a lot simpler

HMVC, MPTree, IgnitedRecord and yayparser added on the list

Thanks for the suggestions and feedbacks

Two links added on my watch list.
super .htaccess thread link added.
was excited to see the video of under development CMS monkeyprint. Would love to check this when it is released.

[quote author="xwero" date="1214680003"]Wiredesignz you are saying that because you made it Wink[/quote]

Actually I'm saying it because it's true. :lol:

@wiredesignz What percentage of your 1550 posts are spent pimping your own creation? Wink

That is 2 posts today where i've read you suggesting ME.

Excellent work!

@audiopleb - "pimping" would imply that he is making some scratch from HMVC. ;-)

i for one am glad that wiredesignz is such a promulgator of his own good work; i wouldn't know about it otherwise.

"promulgator" what a word! I'm going to use that tonight to the mrs. She'll think i'm some form of literary genius and immediately offer me some bed time. Probably. Maybe.

Well thank you Gentlemen (or Ladies as the case may be) :lol: for the kind words.

I'm pretty sure after 4 solid months of revising and improving ME it's worth promoting.

And it is faster and easier to use than Matchbox too. :lol:

Oh yes, and if people ASK, who am I to refuse them.

I see audiopleb is a Gent now. :lol:

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