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AWS Elastic Beanstalk problem

I have successfully deployed my application for testing in a standard EC2 instance.

But when I build an environment in Elastic Beanstalk (PHP Stack)and attempt to deploy there, codeigniter is so unhappy that I get a white screen of death, otherwise known as no output whatsoever. No stack trace, no complaint. Just gone

I have done some tracing.

1. It doesn't matter what endpoint (controller) I am trying to reach.
2. It is dying in core/CodeIgniter.php on this call:
Execution never reaches the next line in CodeIgniter.php.
3. there are no error messages in the apache logs or the codeigniter log. Last lines in the CI log:

DEBUG - 2014-01-08 20:56:51 --> Model Class Initialized
DEBUG - 2014-01-08 20:56:51 --> Model Class Initialized
DEBUG - 2014-01-08 20:56:51 --> Config file loaded: application/config/gl_config.php

I use no hooks, to the best of my knowledge, in this app, at this time.

Currently EB uses PHP 5.5

I am puzzled by this issue. I hesitate to explore Codeigniter system code because I have not encountered any issues there before.
The app is actually in production on a cheap virtual server at the moment.
I assume there is a config issue or a release issue (php, other middleware).
Typically I have seen the white screen of death when I try to use a loadable library or other code that does not exist.

I need some advice as to where to look to see the actual failure - I suspect when I see it I will know the fix!


I had a fatal error due to an incompatability in my own code with php5.5. The fatal error was being surpressed. Once I unsurpressed it, I saw it and remedied it in 2 min.

When trying to alter my original post to mark 'solved' I got:

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