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Problems with MAMP

Hey all, just got my first mac the other day. I've got a slight problem with MAMP and CI. When I start a CI application it finds the welcome controller fine so I'm guessing its not the routing. However, when I go index.php/posts/index I just get a blank page with no errors, I've made the controller and views. I then fiddled with the config file for an hour with no luck, so I removed index.php with a .htaccess file and now when I search for my controller it's trying to take my to posts/index as directories. I have the rewrite_module uncommented in my httpd.conf.

I've searched the forum and tried many things in my base_url such as http://localhost/~John/myapp/, still no luck. I have made the ports default so I don't need to use 8888.

Anyone have any ideas?

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from my experience with CI, a completely blank page sometimes means a php syntax error in your controller or view.
you can check the syntax by running
php -l /path/to/your/controller.php
from the terminal.

Thanks for the reply, I started again and it seems to work now. Is there some sort of reason why on windows CI will tell me I've got a parse error but so far it won't on mac. Now I've just gotta get CocoaMySQL working.

windows isn't as case sensitive as *nix/mac, that's usually the problem.

Find your apache error log and check it after the failed requests to get the error message supplied by php

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