Poll: Do you use the database backup feature?
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How often do you use the backup() method of the database drivers?

I have 6-7 projects with CI and only one of them uses backup feature.

I use PostgreSQL.

(Using CodeIgniter since 1.x)

Use it on a regular basis, most of my scripts offer CRON JOB with Backup Feature... saved my life when clients are doing things they should not do...

(02-25-2019, 10:16 AM)tigerblue77 Wrote: Hi everyone,

I think you should not remove this feature from CodeIgniter because it is already codded so... Why ? What's the purpose ?
I plan to use it but I think you should call "mysqldump" through CodeIgniter to make your backup as this is a very powerful tool


Well - it only exists for Mysql and one other driver I don't recall at the moment. In order to be included it should exist across all of them... which is why I was asking. But I'm tempted to do it and make it a wrapper around whatever backup tools already exist for each engine.

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