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Mysticat.pet - online game themed around cats

Hi! I am in process of developing online game using CodeIgniter! Here is a link to it: https://mysticat.pet
I am on this project from December 2020. Frontend is using Bootstrap, and backend is CodeIgniter (updated to newest version). Game website is using Wordpress (all stuff before login into actuall game).
Sadly it isn't translated to English (YET!), so most of you can't read info from page, but i will try to summarize it bellow, and you can look into https://mysticat.pet/gra-online-z-kotami...i-glownej/ page for some screenshot. Also it isn't open at this moment for registration of new users (at this moment i only have a bunch of testers playing it). I am eager to hear yours opinions about choosing CodeIgniter to write online game, was it good or bad? When i was deciding to chose it i was convinced by it lightweightness and metrics of it's working speed. So far I wasn't able to test it under heavy user load, so I am hoping it would perform good. I would love to also hear yours opinions about game mechanic and lore that i described bellow.
I have a 10 years experience of working as game developer, and like 10 more making games as hobby when i was young. I wrote one game using PHP that got some traction and had around 50 000 active users in it's peak. Also worked on few game projects that didn't got finished or got any success. Sadly i am lacking formal education on programming, i read very few books about it when i was starting, rest is from just coding experience, so sometimes i am not knowing of using some coding practices or solutions, I am trying to read about good programing practices, but never had a experienced teacher explained stuff to me. I have high hopes that this project would get some success Smile

Short game description:

You take role as immaterial dryad that is protecting its tree and sanctuary around it (word outside is dangerous and chaotic). You can interact with couple of faires that works as NPC characters, that explain game mechanics, and give quest.
However your main game focus is around cats that you can adopt and give home in your sanctuary. They start as cats similar to real world european cats, with some exceptions: they have far better ability to communicate, they meows and body signals are far more complex and are more similar to human communication (but a little more crude). They also have some ability to perform magic rituals (not casting fireballs, more like rain dance), and creating alchemical items from herbs and other stuff. They also can consume far more variety of foods, and herbs - most of them have fantastical names so they won't be confused with real things, so some child don't get ideas to feed real cats with wrong stuff. As game progress they can be "evolved" into more fantastical forms, like unicats (cat-unicorns), batcats (cats with bat wings), categasus (cats with pegasus wings), and others [names may change].
You can give cats "orders" (more like asking them to do stuff), but you don't control them directly. They have some AI, can refuse your orders if they feel unhappy, or do other stuff because they want it: like cleaning themself, sleep or play with other cats. Your main focus is to care for them - feed them, and keep them happy. When they have full stomach, they slowly grow getting levels in process. There is no "exping", so all actions that cat can do are viable, and you don't need to prioritize on fighting over let say performing alchemy. I am trying to go into direction of EVE Online where you just get skills as time progress, without grinding for them. You can send cats into expedition into wilderness so they can bring herbs, food or other stuff. Expeditions are fabularized and fells more like playing Paragraph Driven Game. Skill system is inspired by Fate Core RPG mechanics, so they create pyramid with their levels (you can read about it HERE). Cat would specialize, so you can have cat that is good in finding stuff or alchemy, and mediocre at beast in other aspects. This way it works like class system without actually choosing any class, and locking your options.
Game is focusing more on CO-OP, there would be options for friendly figts or other competitions. There won't be NPC vendors (except for buying stuff for quest points), and all stuff will be found in wildreness, created from them or bought from other players. I am hoping to not create "gold currency", rather to have all currency their uses similar to Path of Exile but a little more simple.
There will be great focus on detailed world lore, and making it somewhat unique (i have good experience in world building, and co-created detailed world before, it can be found here https://grymuar.granica-pbf.pl, again only in Polish). In big shortcut: world is flat, and expands indefinitely (at least no one found it edges). It is chaotic and outside of sanctuaries it slowly morphs, so where once was a river, next time may be sea or plains. There are 3 moons, that changes their fazes once a real world day, and have their time cycles asynchronoused - they would have very important role when performing magic, and great things could be achieved when all are in full moon (witch would happen around 2 times per real world year).
Game would also try to educate players about real world cats. Main page have regular articles about how to care about them, there are quizzes than you can answer daily about them, and you will receive quest points for correct answers (quizzes have also implemented short explanations of topic after answering (wrong or correctly) and links to extended articles about it.
Game beta will start in polish language, and will be translated to others languages when i start getting income from it to do so, i know English but i am not good enough to translate it grammar correctly, and "beatufully", and also want to focus my time on expanding game. I am using CodeIgniter library for it, that i am extending, so it could differentiate between he/she or other grammar stuff specific to different languages.
Finally i want to donate at least 15% of game income to nonprofit organizations that are helping stray cats, or other animals. I done some thinking about it, and have experience from my previous game so it is totally feasible to do so.
Thread about my project that is using CodeIgniter:

I love the idea and the intention of helping cats via your game. Kudos good sir! I understand just a tiny bit (My Grandmother is Polish so I know a little bit of that language). I enjoy the graphics and the friendliness but most of all helping and educating people about cats! Wonderful idea!! I will keep a close eye on your project and be sure to show it to my friends.

Today we started with crowdfunding campaign to gather money, for finishing UI from graphical standpoint. We have most core game mechanics done by now, so we are close to start beta version - first in polish language, but we plan to translate it to english pretty fast, after testing with larger group of people.

Sadly crowdfunding campaign is in polish too, but i am leaving link anyways in hopes that it will be understandable for someone here (or will use translator):

@Baltazaar - thanks for positive vibes! Means a lot for us Smile
Thread about my project that is using CodeIgniter:

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